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How to Fix Roku Enhance Remote Problem Of Not Controlling The Volume And Power Of TV?

Problems are the part of Roku media streaming player. Apart from so many advantages, there can be times when you may get disappointed with the Roku due to the problem with its remote or the device itself. If you are using Roku with enhanced remote, then you may know that you can control the volume and power of normal TV with the Roku remote itself. You don’t need to pick the TV remote again and again. The basic controls are available on Roku remote only. It uses IR and wireless technology for connecting the remote signal to the TV. However, if you are getting the problem in connecting the remote to the TV, then there are some steps which will help you fix this problem.

Before going for troubleshooting steps, you must check whether your Roku player is having Roku enhanced remote or not. If your Roku is having a normal remote, then you won’t be able to establish a connection with the TV. Yes, if the TV buttons are engrossed on the Roku remote, then it means the remote is enhanced one.

The problem in listening to the audio during setup?

If you are having a problem in listening to the sound during setup, then either there is no inbuilt speakers in the device or the audio is not supported by HDMI.

The device which you are connecting to the Roku and TV must support sound over HDMI. If it doesn’t do so, then you will find a problem in listening to it. You can’t hear sound at all.

The problem in muting the volume from Roku enhance remote?

If you find it reluctant to mute the sound from the Roku remote, then the below-mentioned steps must be implemented in order to get back to the normal working. You can also contact Roku support in this regard. They will let you know the exact reason behind the problem.

  • Restrict a number of connected devices to the Roku media player. If more than one device is connected to Roku at a time, then you may find this problem on the device. To get rid of it, we highly recommend you to disconnect all devices and connect one device at a time to the Roku media player. This will solve the purpose.
  • There are some TV brands that don’t support Roku enhanced remote feature and its working.

The problem in using both the features at the same time or control one function at a time either volume or power

If this problem arises on your Roku media player, then check the codes available on the TV manufacturer’s website. Sometimes, mismatching of codes also leads to this problem. If you find the codes mentioned on the manufacturer page is different from the codes entered manually, then there are chances of getting this type of issue. Try changing the code once and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Check remote if it gets hot

Touch the remote with soft hands from the back. If you feel it hot or warm, then wait for some time and place it on a tablet or wooden object. This will act as a heat sink for your remote. Don’t place the remote on any inflammable device or surface.

In this way, you can fix the problem with the Roku remote. If any point or step is still not cleared to you, then don’t hesitate to call or email at Roku support link. The technical experts will help you in a most convenient manner.

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How to Connect Antenna TV Input on Roku TV?


Connect your HDTV antenna

When you connect the TV antenna to the Roku TV through the port, then TV will start broadcasting the local shows available free to air. The number of channels and shows depends on the location from where you are watching. For more information about it, you can go to the Antenna web page.

For accessing the channels, connection to the TV is a must.

  • Connect the HDTV antenna to the Roku TV with the coaxial cable.
  • Turn on the TV, go to ‘Home’ and click to select the source. If you find no source on the screen, then head to ‘Settings’ and click on Add Antenna as an input option.
  • Read on-screen instructions and complete the configuration process within 5 minutes.

Note: You must consider the direction and placement of the antenna on the rooftop. If it is not properly placed, then you will find a problem in receiving the signal. We recommend you to set the direction of an antenna according to the position where you are receiving maximum signal strength.

Can you watch the program being broadcasted right now on HDTV?

Of course, yes you can watch the ongoing programs very easily through HDTV antenna connected to Roku TV. There is an inbuilt feature available by the name of ‘Smart Guide’ in Roku that lets you play the shows and movies broadcasted right now.

Connect to Cable TV source

If you are a cable subscriber, then you will have mammoth of channels to watch both in analog as well as in digital quality. No requirement of a set-top box for such conditions.

Connect your cable wire to the Ant port of your Roku TV. If there is a problem with the signal, then you can contact the local cable operator.

  • Now, connect the coaxial cable coming from the cable network to the Roku TV. You will find the Ant/cable port on your Roku TV.
  • Turn on the TV and go to ‘Settings’ from your TV. If you don’t find this source, then you can add it manually from the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Read the on-screen guide to complete the process.

Notes: If your cable TV requires a separate set-top box, then you can connect it easily to the TV. After this, you will be able to watch digital channels. For any query or further clarifications, you can contact local cable operator.

  • A standard Smart guide feature is absent in direct TV source.

What is an ATSC tuner actually?

This is an authorized system to watch digital quality content through streaming devices in the U.S. It is similar to a TV tuner card that is available inside the TV. All over-the-air networks in the US and Canada are digital in nature whereas Roku supports NTSC.

The primary use of ATSC tuner is to watch the over-the-air broadcast on TV by connecting to HDTV antenna to TV input given as Antenna input. The connection is established with the help of a coaxial cable.


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How To Fix ‘Cannot Connect To Home Network Or Internet’ Problem?


Roku can’t work if it is not connected to the internet. There could be a plenty of reasons for internet connectivity failure, but the solution to this problem is quite easy. Find out how to fix ‘can’t connect to network or internet’ using the steps given at Roku Setup website.


The entire functioning of Roku is premised upon how well the internet connection is. If you see ‘unable to connect to wireless network’ or ‘not connected to the internet’ problem, then there is definitely something wrong with the internet or the connection between the modem/router and Roku player. This problem is what we are going to discuss here today, so pay a close attention to what follows next.


While setting up a Roku player for streaming, connect it to your home network. Follow the same procedure that you will when connecting your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the network. If you want to connect your Roku device to the internet through a wired connection, then you can certainly do that by connecting an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port of the device, with another end into the modem/router.


Now comes the situations where Roku isn’t connecting to the internet. There could be a number of reasons for Roku not being able to connect to the internet.


How to check your internet connection?


You can check it by going to ‘settings’ menu on your Roku player. In the ‘Settings’ menu, go to ‘Network’ and then, click ‘Check Connection’. From the quality of the signal to the connectivity of your Roku device with the internet signal, everything will be checked properly.


How to fix connectivity issues?


Start with entering the correct name for your wireless network, as entering the wrong name could result in failure of the wireless network connection. Similarly, enter the correct password for the network. If you have somehow forgotten the password, then contact your ISP to reset the password.


Check if the modem and/or router is working properly or not. You can check this by browsing the web on other devices. If the sites are being loaded properly and videos are running without any buffering, then it means, the internet is working properly.


This also means that there is some problem with the connection between Roku and the internet network. Make sure that Roku is not placed too far away from the router, as the signal tends to get weaker the farther a device goes.


Restart Roku and router


Restart your Roku by going to ‘Settings’, then ‘System’ and finally, ‘System Restart’. Unplug the device from the power source, wait for a few seconds and then, connect it again.


To restart the router, consult your ISP or router vendor. Usually, the power button needs to be pressed in order to restart the router, so if you are able to locate it, then press it.


Common Roku error codes along with suitable actions to take in order to fix them:


Error Code 009


This code means that Roku is connected to the router, but not the internet. Consult your ISP to fix this error.


Error code 012


This error is related to Ethernet cable, so check if the cable is connected properly to Roku as well as the router.


Error code 013


This is also an Ethernet related error. Check Ethernet cable, and if it is working fine, then connect to the internet using another device. If the internet doesn’t work, then restart the router. If it is working, then restart the Roku player.


Error code 14


This error is related to the failure of Roku to connect to the wireless network.


Error code 016


This error occurs when you try to launch a channel but the internet or network connection is lost in between.


Error code 017


This error appears when Roku detects bad wireless signal strength.


Error code 018


This error appears when Roku detects slow internet speed. Consult your ISP to increase the speed of the internet.


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